Fortesys Distribution receiving APEA 2018 (CORPORATE EXCELLENCE)

Incorporated in 2008, Fortesys Distribution Sdn Bhd (“Fortesys”) is a value-added distributor that specializes in ICT network infrastructure and security. With established distributorship of several market leading vendors, Fortesys offers a full suite of advanced integrated solutions and services to fulfil customer business needs.

Our mission is to provide reseller partners a complete cost-effective integrated solution to boost their business opportunities. Combining Fortesys world-class certified technical specialist, reseller partners achieved new revenues from its comprehensive planning at a cost point, network infrastructure installation, maintenance support and technology training.

Over the years, Fortesys gained superior customer satisfaction on trust, reliability and technical superiority. An impressive track record of success in telecommunication services provider industry which ensued from the commitment in delivering best quality of services by a team of technical experts. The technical team are well equipped with the skill of network design on right solution and well-managed of the deployment on the largest Wi-Fi access points nationwide. Nevertheless, Fortesys is also the pioneer of providing Software- Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN or SDWAN) solutions in Malaysia.

Leveraging its success in Malaysia’s ICT industry over the past 10 years, Fortesys is now expanding outside its home market. In early 2018, Fortesys seek to replicate its success stories in Indonesia, a country with the world’s fourth largest population and an extensive mobile internet user base.

The evolution of technology such as Internet of Things (IoT), Smart City deployment and Cloud computing provide us great opportunities and huge potential for future business growth. Fortesys is committed to be a trusted value-added distributor in Southeast Asia (SEA) for its customers.

Positive Working Environment and Bonding
Fortesys is about to hit 60 employees and the company believes that employees are the most valuable assets and truly the backbone of the organization. The progressive work environment and host of family-friendly benefits keeps the turnover rate far below the national average. We realize the responsibility for creating a positive work environment cannot be delegated, it starts at the top.

We roll-out open office concept in hopes of retaining talent, encouraging cross-functional collaboration, enhancing exposure to different kinds of expertise, and accelerating creativity and innovation. Employees report more engagement in their work, more communication with their peers, and a stronger connection to the company. We believe that communication is always a key to success, employees are encouraged to speak up about ideas and partners handling solutions. In Fortesys, employees are equally treated regardless of hierarchy with respect and civility and have input to every facet of the work.

Develop Skills and Potential
For most people, career opportunities are just as important as the money they make. Fortesys concern on employees’ personal development and offering subsidized training education program rather than simply the skills needed for the job. We understand that skilled people will not remain in a job if they see no future in their position. To eliminate the feeling of being in a dead-end job, Fortesys highly encourage every position should have an individual development plan.

Organizational Structure & Culture
With the evolution of technology, ICT industry became a key pillar of the digital transformation ecosystem. Hence, Fortesys is always practice market culture which is results oriented with a focus on competition. This driven the team met customers’ needs more effectively than our competitor. With Fortesys reward system, our teams are highly motivated and inspired to be innovative and strive to do better to deliver desired results. We believe that individual’s accomplishments will lead to greater achievement for the employee and, as a result, greater success for the organization.