What Smart Ocean Offer?

Smart Ocean Technology

Industry Leader of New IT Provider

Based on passive design Smart Locks and Smart Key, Smart Ocean is providing Smart Lock Cylinder, Smart Electric Lock, Smart Rim Lock,
Smart Cabinet Lock, Smart Padlock to complete solve the security risk for Base Stations, Power Sub-stations, Outdoor Cabinets, Equipment Cabinets and etc.

  • Smart Locks: Designed with high security technology, easy to install, no external power supply, no wiring, suitable for outdoor environment features. Very suitable for a large number of outdoor equipment scenario.
  • Smart Key: Based on authorization from central management platform, to achieve one key to multiple locks, not only simplifies the user’s work intensity, but also improve the efficiency of management. To eliminate the risk of the conventional lock-and key solution as well.
  • Central Management Platform: Based on Smart Key + Smart Lock App + Smart Lock Solution, to make those equipment and personnel networked and managed.

Solution Key Features

  • Mechatronics Protection
  • Compartment Design
  • Idling Design
  • Passive design for lock cylinder
  • Key is impossible to duplicate
  • Able to disable the key if it is lost
  • Easy Installation
  • Standard Size
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoorn
  • Passive design for lock cylinder
  • One key to multiple locks
  • No need change lock if key lost
  • Who, when, where, and why access site
  • Authorize who, when and where access site
  • Traceable operation log
  • Passive design for lock cylinder
  • Key is impossible to duplicate
  • Remote authorization, upload log automatically

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