Is Password Alone, Enough?

Ensuring the user is indeed the intended user

Recent report confirms every single Yahoo account (3 billion) was hacked in 2013 data breach.

Experts advise users not to reuse passwords and start implementing two-factor authentication to their accounts.

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Guide in Choosing the Right Fit – 2FA Solution

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, is an extra layer of security that requires more than password and username, usually an additional piece of information. It can be knowledge (something the user knows), possession (something the user owns) or inheritance (something the user represents) to verify the user accessing the account is the intended user.

i-Sprint 2FA Solution

i-Sprint 2FA solution enables organizations to deploy a wide variety of strong authentication methods to address the requirements for strong authentication and evolving authentication mechanisms through a single, unified framework. Some of the key features include:


Seamless Integration

Pre-integrated and tested solution allows i-Sprint 2FA solution to be deployed rapidly across applications and systems.

Full Life Cycle Token Management & Administration

Integrated solution for administering the entire life cycle of token management functions: issuance (factory initialized or self-initialized), delivery, enablement, lost tokens, out-of-sync and replacement over time.

Ensure Compliance and Provide Detail Audit Trail Information

Provides user administration, authentication, authorization and audit services (4As) to address security and compliance requirements.

Multiple Authentication and Transaction Authorization Options

Includes: synchronous option with one time password challenge, asynchronous option with challenge and response codes, re-authentication challenge for critical transactions and inclusion of additional static password.

Guide in Choosing the Right Fit – 2FA Solution

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